GeeChee One Magazine has been a print magazine since 2006 and a print and digital magazine since 2008. Founded in Orangeburg, SC it made its homebase in Charleston, SC. Felicia Rivers is the founder, CEO, senior editor, writer, producer, and so much more. the brainchild of Felicia Rivers, is a print and digital magazine that is focused on the eclectic GeeChee culture. Magazine covers by Faazon Flyers and graphic layout by F. Khristopher Blue, the magazine has consistently given exposure to music artists, models, businesses, and things that impact our community and surrounding areas for over 13 years.

GeeChee One FilmsGeeChee One Films, the brainchild of Felicia Rivers, has a number of short film projects and are to release a full length film this year. The content of such films range from comedy to drama to horror. You can watch these films for free if you have Amazon Prime or rent or buy them via Amazon.com and learn more about such award nominated films on IMDB.com.

13 Years and Counting of Publications

GeeChee One Magazines (digital)"What independent magazine has done it longer? The love of the GeeChee culture and the artists and other entertainers breathe life into this publiucation. Some people got their "big" break via the pages of GeeChee One Magazine. The Eclectic Therapist, F. Khristopher Blue established his writing career and teaching efforts via the pages of GeeChee One Magazine.

2019 GeeChee One Awards Nominations

Nominate Here!GeeChee One Magazine conducts annual award ceremonies that allows people's fans and peers show them love and appreciation. It is an award nomination process totally by the people who vote... the award show has video awards, music awards, DJ awards, fashion awards, social awards, business awards, and more. The award show is also a place that allows artists to expose their brand to a larger audience, brands to promote and market themselves, and vendors to network and get their products in the hands of a larger market.